For the Spring Summer 2020 season, PHIPPS explores a contemporary metamorphosis of geological and anthropological concerns investigating man's relationship with planet earth since the dawn of time. Continuing our research into the landscape of both earth and sports sciences, intangible links are forged through time and space -from the microscopic scale of crystal structures to the art of rock-climbing and other far-reaching phenomena in our cosmos.

Musing on 'frontier theory', we grapple with the vastness of our contemporary existence, and how to innovate on a distinctly human scale. Learn more about 'frontier theory’ by clicking here.

Archetypal utility shapes return throughout the collection, treated with mineral bath and garment dyeing techniques on dry jersey, heavy cotton and light fleece fabrications in earth tones of sand and ochre, dark ruby and petrol blue, recreate the spirit of the iconic wild west with a new take on luxury, inspired by Richard Prince’s seminal images and the enduring appeal of the American cowboy. Fragmented shirt stripes are made to resemble the layers of the earth’s crust, and printed graphics feature a chronological calendar of Earth's tectonic movements, or psychedelic interpretations of the rock cycle - from sediment to igneous, to metamorphic and back again. Geology proves it’s alchemical mysticism.