The Tiger’s Eye crystal t-shirt features a realistic digital rendering of an actual tiger’s eye crystal created by Valentin Gillet and the graphic on the front was illustrated by artist Gordon Flores.

Tiger eye’s beauty & powers were as treasured and used in ancient kemetic times as they are today.  Worn by roman soldiers, tiger eye was believed to help one remain calm and courageous, keeping the strength to persevere. Tiger eye’s meaning is one & the same with the “ash” that can be seen in the stone itself when tilted in the right direction. Like the ash one sees in a tiger’s eye when prey catches the great cat’s attention, this golden-brown quartz is believed to impart the focus and strong determination of a tiger. The tiger has infinite patience, waiting steadfastly until the time is right to pounce. Tiger’s eye imparts the same ability to wait and the clarity to know when the time is right for action.  Determination and perseverance as well as a fair balance in harmony with nature, are part of what tiger eye holds in its power.
Tiger eye gemstones help with clear thinking despite anxiety and fears, while pausing one’s propensity to over-act. Its healing powers exist within its golden ray vibration, imparting compassion, grace & unconditional love. Tiger eye facilitates communication with beings of the golden light who may provide guidance needed to align ourselves with the divine will. Tiger eye powers are particularly helpful in determining our path in becoming a helpful force in the world, especially for spiritual healing in conflicts arising from disconnections between one’s emotions & true inner path.
Tiger eye is the chosen gemstone for the Dalai Lama’s personal mala for its great powers. Tiger eye is fire energy. Its yang energy supports activity, brightness, enthusiasm, illumination & warmth. Place a tiger eye stone in the south end of the home for passion, emotions & sex. Be cautious though, for tiger eye can be a destructive force if used excessively. Tiger eye is believed to help fight addictive behaviors, aid in the healing of broken bones & facilitate Recovery from neck/spine problems. Using tiger eye in meditation may help bring an increased ow of money along with the level-headedness to not overspend. It is a very good grounding stone, keeping one grounded while also communicating with the golden light, all the while inspiring deep commitment, devotion & unconditional love.