Junk Rave Necklace

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The junk rave necklace is made from various found beads and pieces of discarded tech waste with custom-made silver enamel teeth. It is hand-assembled and set on a fine metal chain, like a DYI heirloom from a dystopian rave.

Kandi bracelets are a staple of raves, and they help the rave-goers express P.L.U.R. to one another. Each kandi bracelet is made by hand, and it can be traded or become gifts for other dancers. There is a special, four-part handshake that is used to express P.L.U.R. In the last step two people's hands are entwined, and a bracelet is shared between them. Then, there is a hug. This process allows people to spread their love throughout the crowd and to connect with a wide range of people.