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Real Steel T

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The Real Steel t-shirt is made of organic cotton jersey with a supple, medium-weight structure that drapes casually around the body. This classic Phipps tee has a boxy fit with clean finishings and features a medieval sword screen-print and a quote from the soul-boosting teachings of eastern philosophy – “Kill Your Ego”.

Who are we really? If we are the same as our ego, then if we open up the ego’s filters and overwhelm it, we shall be drowned. If, on the other hand, we are not exclusively what the ego defines us to be, then the removal of the ego’s filters may not be such a great threat. It may actually mean our liberation. But as long as the ego calls the shots, we can never become other than what it says. Like a dictator, it offers us paternalistic security at the expense of our freedom.
We may ask how we could survive without our ego. Don’t worry – it doesn’t disappear. We can learn to venture beyond it, though. The ego is there, as our servant. Our room is there. We can always go in and use it like an office when we need to be efficient. But the door can be left open so that we can always walk out.