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PHIPPS is founded on the principles of respect and curiosity for the natural world. We are exploring the concept of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the realm of style. Our goal is to change the way we as a culture consume by creating products that are made with respect for the environment, that can educate and enhance lives. We are always striving to improve our practice as we move forward and, as a modern fashion company, we are simply trying to do the right thing.

What started as a small t-shirt project between friends is rapidly growing to become a modern, globally conscious fashion brand focused on building a like-minded community with the goal of re-connecting consumers to nature and the world around them.  Since its conception in 2017 PHIPPS has seen enormous growth including being named as a finalist in the 2019 edition of the LVMH Prize.  PHIPPS's careful approach to responsible manufacturing and outward looking vision have helped to lead the industry into the future of sustainable manufacturing.  Our products are made with integrity and are created with consideration for the environment using sustainable manufacturing practices and eco-friendly materials. Furthermore we are also focused on the creation of educational clothing - garments that can teach something, either through graphics, or material sourcing etc. Our objective is to create a community that shares our passion, interest and curiosity in the natural world.

PHIPPS INTERNATIONAL was started in 2017 by Spencer Phipps. Born and raised in San Francisco, he studied at Parsons School of Design in New York City graduating in 2008 with a nomination as “designer of the year” for his final year collection - an initial exploration of sustainable fashion. He started his career at Marc Jacobs as part of the menswear design team and after, relocated to Antwerp to work with Dries Van Noten as the first American menswear designer. He is currently based in Paris.

We work with many manufacturers from around the world that share our standards for ethical and responsible business methods. Although not necessarily a requirement, many of our producers are certified by GOTS or other environmental certification organizations which help to ensure that our products are made ethically. In addition, most of our garments are made in Portugal which, as a country, is a global leader in the development of sustainable practices. All of our manufacturers there are required by law to recycle their waste appropriately, re-use treatable water, use alternative energy as much as possible, and follow fair trade labor practices. 

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