2023 was the year of PHIPPS. From forward-thinking presentations to dream collaborations, it’s been a transformative journey for the brand. We’re working to redefine modern American fashion, keeping ourselves grounded in sustainability, craftsmanship, and rugged masculinity.



Our FW23 Presentation was a real landmark event, marking our first major live show in the US since the beginning of the pandemic. Held in the heart of the desert, this presentation not only embraced the rugged American spirit but also emphasized our identity as a distinctly American brand. The choice of location — an iconic filming spot in the Wild West — underscored our commitment to a new vision for the American dream and the evolving face of PHIPPS.



Seeing Bad Bunny don PHIPPS on Saturday Night Live was a big moment for us. His global appeal as Spotify's most-streamed artist resonates with our brand's ethos, widening our reach and relationship to new audiences. In the future, we look forward to seeing other cultural heavy hitters embodying the PHIPPS's spirit and finding meaning in the clothing we make.



Our collaboration with Woolrich was pivotal, bringing us together with an American legacy brand that shares our connection to the outdoors and belief in quality craftsmanship. This partnership was complex yet rewarding, helping us to see the promising potential of PHIPPS Gold Label and adding an important new chapter in the PHIPPS story.

2024 & BEYOND


As we look forward, our goals are clear - expanding our community, honing our message, and elevating the customer experience. We're particularly excited about unveiling our next collection, a testament to our continuous evolution. From groundbreaking presentations to integral collaborations, PHIPPS is not just a brand, but a movement toward reshaping our idea of what clothing can mean.