About Us

PHIPPS was founded on a deep sense of respect and curiosity for the natural world. We pride ourselves on creating collections that blend rugged, purpose-driven design with a unique appreciation for craft, quality, and an innovative focus on environmental responsibility. From its inception, PHIPPS has been defining its own rules for contemporary fashion and setting the modern example of an authentically responsible business, because we believe that global consciousness goes far beyond the way a piece of clothing is made.

PHIPPS is divided into four different divisions:

  • PHIPPS COLLECTION: The main collection of rugged purpose-driven items made from high-quality products meeting our rigorous environmental standards.

  • PHIPPS FUNDAMENTALS: The cross-seasonal building blocks of essential wardrobe items, the core of the PHIPPS lifestyle.

  • PHIPPS GOLD LABEL: A selection of unique vintage items, carefully curated, customized, and branded - with regular drops available exclusively here.

  • PHIPPS LAB: The brand's collection of limited edition items made through innovative upcycling practices ranging from deconstruction techniques to custom embroidery on vintage sports jerseys.