About Us

PHIPPS is founded on a deep sense of respect and curiosity for the natural world, but at its core, PHIPPS is focused on survival - as individuals, as a species, as a planet, and as an industry.  PHIPPS creates collections blending new masculine archetypes with a unique appreciation for craft, quality, and a focus on environmental responsibility.  PHIPPS encourages compassion and mindfulness in all aspects of life - sharing educated messages to expand knowledge of the environment, and uniting communities around the celebration of nature. PHIPPS reignites fashion’s ability to restore a sense of function to any and every lifestyle, because we believe global consciousness goes far beyond the way a piece of clothing is made. 

As such, since its inception in 2018 PHIPPS has rapidly expanded its critical following, occupying the very forefront of contemporary fashion and leading the industry into a new and more responsible future.  In its quest for a new modern ideology, PHIPPS is defining its own rules for contemporary fashion and establishing the modern example of an authentically responsible business.