About us

‘The American Dream can no more remain static than can the American nation.... We can no longer take an old approach to world problems…They aren't the same problems. It isn't the same world. We must not adopt the methods of our ancestors; instead, we must emulate that pioneering quality that made them attempt new methods for a New World,’

— ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, Autobiography

In a world torn between old-world habits and the call for social and ecological consciousness, we are pressed to ask ourselves some essential questions: what is the impact of fashion today? Is fashion even part of the conversation? If so, what choices can we make to ensure its sustainability?

Like any burgeoning project, the inception of Phipps International was concerned with core interrogations: What are we trying to achieve? Can we really make a difference? What is the purpose of a garment beyond short term trends?

The spirit of Northern California - a cultural crossroads of naturalistic beliefs and tech innovation, tinged with the alluring lights of Hollywood - guides our heroes on their next quest…


Phipps International was founded by Spencer Phipps in 2018. A San Francisco native, born in the mid-80’s, Spencer was raised in its kaleidoscopic environment. The natural beauty of the Bay Area met the emergence of High-tech gadgets, sports gods, and blockbuster movies, feeding his curious nature. Fresh out of Parsons School of Design - where he was named Designer of the Year of the 2008 graduating class - Spencer got hired at Marc Jacobs, where he worked for seven years, before departing to Antwerp to work as the first American on Dries Van Noten’s design team. His experience working alongside these fashion heavyweights built his expertise on fine craftsmanship and large-scale manufacturing, while sparking his desire to bring his own vision to life. Going back to his nature-bound roots, he launched his namesake brand in 2018 defining his balance between creating purposeful garments and expanding on the cinematic quality of clothing- creating a parallel universe you want to disappear in.