In an effort to curb overproduction in the fashion industry, PHIPPS introduces PHIPPS GOLD LABEL VINTAGE: a collection of PHIPPS-customised vintage and deadstock garments sourced from around the world and expertly curated just for you. From beautifully aged flannels to customized denim heirlooms, each item tells a unique story and creates a waste-free, timeless sense of PHIPPS style.

Buying used or pre-existing items is the most environmentally responsible way to shop.

Please refer to the provided measurements - vintage sizes vary widely, so the tagged size is often inaccurate compared to modern sizing. We recommend measuring a garment that you like the fit of and comparing those numbers to the ones listed above. All items are pre-owned, vintage pieces - they can show natural signs of use and age that give them the unique character and history we at PHIPPS cherish in vintage clothing.