Sustainability Report

PHIPPS is founded on the principles of respect and curiosity for the natural world. We are exploring the concept of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the realm of style. Our goal is to change the way we as a culture consume by creating products that are made with respect for the environment, that can educate and enhance lives. We are always striving to improve our practice as we move forward and, as a modern fashion company, we are simply trying to do the right thing.

“It can be compared to the food industry: if you buy organic vegetables, your carrots might not taste differently to a cheaper, supermarket alternative, but you have the satisfaction of knowing your money is supporting a better process and environmentally friendly practices, and you’re buying beyond your immediate environment,”

— Spencer Phipps

Our goal is to reconnect consumers to nature, and empower them to make better choices in the way they consume by celebrating our planet and encouraging people to change the way they live their lives. We believe that by making responsibility a desirable luxury and building a community around this idea - people will, in turn, find themselves working together to build a better future.

PHIPPS works with a wide variety of responsible textiles, and is continuing to explore this area further with each new collection. below is a selection of materials currently used:

• organic cotton (certified by GOTS or otherwise)
• hemp
• wools (naturally dyed and locally woven)
• yak (undyed)
• ECONYL© regenerated nylon from sea plastics
• silk (certified by GOTS or otherwise)
• cupro (plant based fiber)
• Thermore© padding made from recycled plastic bottles
• non-virgin steel
• upcycled and market sourced textiles and garments

“Environmentalism and global awareness
is the foundation of the brand
and that dictates first and foremost where
the things are coming from, how we enforce
our product and also the aesthetic,”