Sustainability Report

PHIPPS INTERNATIONAL is founded on a deep engagement with the principles of circularity, environmentalism, and ecological resilience in the fashion industry. Our goal is to transform the way in which we approach garments and accessories: from consumer products, to useful, durable, and ethically made items. 

Since its foundation in 2018, PHIPPS has become a leader of sustainable fashion by integrating its values, as well as the latest movements in global environmentalism, into its products, brand DNA, and daily management. We aim to question and reinvent logistics, production, and internal management from an ecological standpoint.

“It can be compared to the food industry: if you buy organic vegetables, your carrots might not taste differently to a cheaper, supermarket alternative, but you have the satisfaction of knowing your money is supporting a better process and environmentally friendly practices, and you’re buying within your immediate environment.”

— Spencer Phipps

“Environmentalism and global awareness
is the foundation of the brand, and that dictates first and foremost where
the things are coming from, how we enforce
our product and its aesthetic.”